Transfer of GP Training FAQs

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Can I change my preferences at this stage?

There is no requirement to change your preferences as nothing in the plans alter the expected sequence of training locations for your four year GP training programme. » read more

How many schemes will there be in the new model?

The model involves training being managed and led centrally with a new structure consisting of 6 training schemes and each scheme having between 1 - 3 educational sites. » read more

How many trainees will be in each scheme?

Each scheme will be different and the number of trainees per scheme will be determined by a number of factors, including the capacity for hospital posts at local level. » read more

How many training places will there be?

The Department of Health, based on the GP Workforce Planning Report (NDTP, 2015), is committed to increasing the number of GP trainees and it is envisaged that the number of training places will increase each year over the next 5 years, up to an annual intake of 240 training places per year. » read more

How will this change affect current trainees who have not yet completed their training?

A small number of trainees may have the location of their day release training changed. The location will be in within the same region. » read more

In relation to the agreement reached between the HSE and the ICGP on changes to the transfer of responsibility for GP training, what is changing specifically?

GP Training is currently delivered by the HSE Primary Care Division through a network of 14 training schemes, in the new model of training the delivery of training will transfer from the HSE to the ICGP. » read more

Is there a plan to move to e-learning?

The use of technology in education has had a significant impact on how education is delivered to students in all educational disciplines. » read more

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

In 2017, the College introduced a pilot scheme where applicants who have previously completed basic specialist training in a different speciality can receive up to one year's training credit. » read more

What is the timeframe for the new model?

The College has a project in place to manage the transfer, there are a number of factors influencing the timeframe of the project. » read more

What will be the staffing structure within the training scheme?

It is envisaged that each scheme will have the following structure: » read more

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