IT FAQs - PC Use and Protection

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Optical Character Recognition

Q. We are scanning hospital and consultant letters into the practice software system. Should we use optical character recognition (OCR) to view the letters as text? » read more

Password Security

Q. We have recently had major staff turnover in the practice and I am aware that may of the old passwords are still active. Should I disable them? » read more

Patient-held medication list

Q. Is it possible to use the practice software system to print out a medication list to be held by the patient? » read more

Power outages – planning for disasters

Q. The recent talk of power outages got me thinking of how best our practice could prepare for such an event. Any advice? » read more

Power surge – a backup plan

Q. We recently had a power surge in our surgery that blew the power surge protector and consequently the server and internet was out of service. We were unable to access any patient files for over 24 hours, which caused considerable disruption to our normal service. Could you suggest an appropriate backup plan in such a future eventuality? » read more

Prioritising Daily Tasks

Q. I find myself challenged by everything I have to do during the day. Are there any IT programmes to help me prioritise tasks? » read more

Protection from ransomware attacks

Q. What are ransomware attacks and how do I protect my practice? What do I do in the event of an attack? » read more

RAID on practice servers

Q. When people say they have RAID configured on their practice server, what do they mean? » read more

Replacing a server

Q. Our IT support person tells us that our seven-year-old server, running Microsoft Server 2003, has a problem: one of the disk drives has failed. He recommends a new server rather than replacing the hard drive. What do you think? » read more

Sharing Computers

Q. We have two computer screens at our reception area. We use a single log on for these and the practice secretarial staff use the computers as they need. Is this OK? » read more

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