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Exam Modules


The MICGP Examination is a criterion-referenced examination. In a criterion referenced, competency based examination the pass standard is by recognised standardisation procedures. All candidates who reach this standard for the module pass the examination.

MICGP consists of the following modules:

The passing standard for each module is set using module appropriate, internationally recognised, standardisation procedures.

Quality Control

The Examination Committee places marked emphasis on quality control of the MICGP Examination. In particular every effort is made to maintain its fairness, validity and reliability. To this end the following measures are taken:

  • MICGP examiners are involved in general practice.
  • The questions used in the MEQ and CKT modules each year reflect current practice and are derived from the ICGP Core Curriculum for general practice training. Examiners participate in regular examination development and assessment workshops.
  • Each question in the MEQ is marked by two examiners. To ensure fairness and accuracy in awarding marks appropriate quality control is maintained by the module convenors, this includes a sampling of answers and full review of border-line candidates.
  • The results of all modules are annually subjected to detailed statistical analysis.
  • The MICGP Extern Examiner is a member of the Examination Committee and provides objective, unbiased feedback on the Examination process to the Postgraduate Training Committee (PGTC).