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15 October 2018
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How to view ePortfolio on smartphone/tablet



You can log in to your professional competence ePortfolio system using the Safari browser on an iPad to record your activity. Fill out the title, start date, credits and type of CPD activity as normal. The iPad prompts you to take a photo of the document or attendance cert and upload this to the eportfolio system. The photo is created as a jpg image. A CME attendance certificate is 1.5mb in size, so depending on your broadband speed it can take a bit of time to upload to the eportfolio. Click 'add item' and go and do something else for a minute or two. When you come back to it, the record will be updated and you can view the result. No scanning or file management to worry about, just a photo there and then.


Likewise, if using a smart phone you can take a picture of your cert, open your eportfolio, go to 'add an item', enter the details, click on 'add an attachment', find the photo in your gallery and add.