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07 May 2021
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The ICGP ePortfolio retains your records for 6 PCS years – the current year and the 5 most recent. As such, we recommend that the document you store on your ePortfolio is also backed up to your PC or laptop. If you do have documents on your ePortfolio you wish to download and save, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to
  2. Select 'Access ePortfolio'
  3. From the menu on the left, select 'Full Activity List'
  4. Select 'view year' to the year you wish to access
  5. Scroll through the list to the activity you want to download and click on the blue eye icon to the left
  6. From here, you will be able to download any attachments, including certificates generated by entering your CPDR code

 NB: if you wish to download and save description notes, please click on the green paper and pen icon to allow you to copy and paste the text