Using the ePortfolio

The ICGP Professional Competence ePortfolio is an electronic portfolio to support the professional competence needs of all GPs. The ePortfolio is simple and easy to use, it will aid reflection and will organise supporting information into the categories required for professional competence audit.

Video tutorials
For video tutorials on how to use your ePortfolio, please click here.

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Accessing receipts: ePortfolio

How can I access receipts for professional competence payments? » read more

CPD activity: Amending your ePortfolio

Q. I did not record all my CPD activity for the 2015-2016 year. Can I still add it now? » read more

CPD events: Adding to ePortfolio

Q. How do I add CPD-accredited events to my ePortfolio? » read more

Certificates: Trouble uploading

Q. I'm having trouble uploading my certificates. What am I doing wrong? » read more

Change to log in details for ePortfolio

Q. What's happening? Why? When will the changeover take place? » read more

Evidence of activity: How much detail?

Q. I am unsure about how much detail I need to record in my eportfolio? » read more

How do I add ICGP recognised events to my ePortfolio?

The ICGP ePortfolio has a feature which allows you to search through all ICGP recognised events e.g. Courses, lectures, CME small group meetings. » read more

How do I search for recognised events?

Click the Event Search link on the left hand menu. This feature allows you to search through all ICGP recognised events e.g. courses, conferences or CME small group meetings. » read more

How does the Activity Log work?

The activity log shows a log of all activity for review, planned or completed. It also contains a 'calculator' at the top showing your completed activity by year and cycle. » read more

How does the Dashboard work?

This page shows a summary of your planned and completed activity. We have used a 'traffic-light' colour-coding system to demonstrate progress with the mandatory 50 credits per year and 250 credits per cycle. » read more

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