26 April 2011
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What are the main features of the ICGP ePortfolio?

The ICGP solution has many distinct features:

  • It allows you to keep a detailed, permanent record of your CPD points. 
  • It tells you at a glance the number of points required each year/cycle and what you've earned to date. The homepage has an easy to read dashboard showing exactly how much more information is needed to complete your full portfolio.
  • It breaks down the points earned by category i.e. internal, external, personal, clinical audit, and research and training.
  • Gives you a searchable calendar of upcoming events and their CPD credits.
  • Allows you to print a CPD record showing the points earned within a time period.
  • Allows you to plan your activity in advance.
  • Allows you to keep a copy of certificates and supporting documentation for audit.
  • Allows you to add links to supporting educational material.

Source of information: ICGP