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15 October 2018
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What information should I record on my ePortfolio?

You will need to complete all fields marked with a red asterisk. In addition,for internal activity, you are required to enter a description with a minimum of 50 characters.

You will also need to maintain evidence to support the recorded activity. You can add this evidence to your ePortfolio or maintain a hard copy on file for a minimum of six years. Evidence should include the following:

  • External: the certificate of attendance given at an event
  • Internal: notes and details regarding the activity* (eg. number of people in attendance, topics discussed).
  • Personal learning: the name of the journal/website, the date of issue or date of access and the topics covered.
  • Research and teaching: published paper, slideshow used, course programme.
  • Audit: detailed summary/report of the audit.

*NB: Patient identifiers should not appear on your ePortfolio or on any evidence used to support the recording of your professional competence activities.